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Nigella seeds are small black seeds, similar in shape and size to sesame seeds. They aren't particularly aromatic, which makes the pops of slightly bitter oniony flavor an even more pleasant surprise as you eat them.

The seeds originally come from the Mediterranean, but you'll find them in salads or adorning savory baked goods from the Middle East and South Asia as well.

Ingredients: Nigella Seeds.

2.2 oz (1/2 cup jar)


Ottolenghi frequently uses nigella seeds to add beautiful dark contrast to his dishes and add a taste of oniony and slightly bitter flavors. Use them in dishes such as the Cucumber and Lamb's Lettuce Salad (p. 38) and Cornbread with Cheddar, Feta, and Jalapeño (p. 19).

Sharma suggests warming nigella seeds to hot oil to bring out their nutty character and then adding them as a topping on baked breads such as the Margherita Naan Pizza (p. 99).

Author Julia Turshen waxes poetic about her love of Nigella Seed in her recipe for Zucchini + Nigella Fritters (p. 107), she says, "I've included nigella seeds here because I love them, they're onion-y and striking looking ... I am fully aware they are hard to track down ... but if you see them, try them!"