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A gold colored pouch of Pure Indian Foods Curry Leaves with a window showing the dried leaves


Pure Indian Foods
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From the producer:

These leaves come from curry tree (also know as sweet neem tree) and when fresh are extremely aromatic and a bright glossy green. They are known for their incredible unique fragrance. Use these dried curry leaves in your cooking when fresh leaves are not readily available.

These are whole dried curry leaves, which means they are not ground or powdered. However, they are dried leaves, so they may be cracked or broken in the package.

Culinary uses: Use with dals, samosas, dosa fillings, chutneys, snacks, sambars, soups, breads, rice, kofta, and vegetables. It gives a zesty flavor to yogurt-based dishes, and also goes well with vegetable dishes, such as fried cabbage, lentils, beans, okra, or eggplant. The leaf is removed before serving and not eaten whole. It releases flavor when toasted ghee, and this mixture can then be stirred into foods. It can also be toasted, ground, or crushed to season or garnish soups, sambars, and curries.

4 oz pouch