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2019 Titone Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a beautifully balanced, medium-intensity oil made with the Biancolilla olive, a variety native to Sicily. It has fruit-forward aroma with herbaceous notes that are akin to tomato leaf. It’s a versatile finishing oil that works particularly well on raw fish, vegetables, and salads—a great option for summer cooking.

Extra virgin olive oil is a true agricultural product—it’s flavor is dependent on a combination of factors including olive variety and terroir. Weather conditions, farming practices, and processing methods all affect the finished oil, and the flavors will vary from year to year, even from the very same orchards.

This Biancolilla olive oil is made by the father-daughter team Nicola and Antonella Titone, two trained pharmacists with a passion for good olive oil. They’ve applied a loving and scientific approach to their craft, which is evident in the sustainable practices they’ve implemented in their olive groves and in the methodical approach to production. Their olives are harvested entirely by hand (a gentle approach which preserves with quality of the fruit). They are kept in temperature-controlled rooms until pressing, which happens within 6 hours of the harvest. Their deep level of care ensures the highest level of polyphenols and great balanced flavor, free of imperfections.

16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml)
USDA Organic
100% Italian grown and made


Beramendi is the ultimate advocate for good Italian olive oil, "As passionate as I am about Italian food and wine, I am most obsessed with encouraging the use of high-quality olive oil. You will notice an immediate change in the flavor of anything you eat the moment you switch to a good quality extra-virgin olive oil."

McFadden relies on olive oil as a primary cooking fat, noting, "Olive oil is a huge reason I enjoy cooking. I really would have no idea how to make food taste good without it. I even take a nip straight from the bottle now and then."