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Autentico transports readers into the kitchens and restaurants of Italy providing a primer on essential Italian ingredients. See below for more ...

Bundle contents include:



Autentico transports readers into the kitchens and restaurants of Italy providing a primer on essential Italian ingredients. See below for more ...

For over 30 years, author Rolando Beramendi has been crisscrossing the Atlantic to bring the best artisanal ingredients from Italy to American chefs and specialty purveyors through his company Manicaretti Italian Food Importers. The products he has championed have filled the shelves of influential specialty markets throughout the country such as Dean & Deluca, Bi Rite Market, Zingerman’s Deli and even appeared on the menus of exalted restaurants like Chez Panisse, Eleven Madison Park, Zuni Cafe, Mozza and more.

Wine vinegar at its finest—filled with robust and bright acidity, without any sharpness.

Castello di Volpaia’s wine vinegar is made from carefully selected wines from the Chianti Hills of Tuscany and slowly acetified in small oak and chestnut barrels.



  • Lattice of Zucchini and Toasted Pistachio (p. 91)
  • Sweet-and-Sour Onions (p. 302).

Anchovies are the key to adding loads of briny umami flavor to any dish. They dissolve when cooked, but can also be left intact to be enjoyed by the fillet (Rolando loves them atop crostini spread with butter)—these little flavor bombs add depth to everything they touch.

IASA, a third-generation family-run business, has been fishing off the Amalfi coast for decades. Their fleet of boats go out in the night, returning with the anchovy catch, which are then packed in salt and left to cure for 12 months. At that point, they are carefully filleted and packed by hand in glass jars filled with olive oil. Try:


  • Hot Bath (Bagna Caôda) (p. 105)
  • Pizza Without Crust (p. 108)
  • Broccoli with Black Walnuts and Anchovy Relish (p. 301)
  • And more ...

Farro is a hearty, chewy grain packed with delicious, nutty flavor that works equally well in hot and cold dishes.



  • Farro Soup (p. 99)
  • Farro and Zucchini Torta (p. 195)
  • Roasted Red Peppers with Farro and Tuna (p. 196)
  • And more ...

Add capers to food for briny pops of flavor; you’ll find them used in an assortment of Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

These, from Caravaglio are from Salina, in the Aeolian islands of Sicily, an area famous for its wonderful capers. Salt-packed capers offer intense caper flavor and a preserved firmness that will hold up in cooking. Make sure to rinse the capers to remove the excess salt before using.



  • Bucatini with Tuna, Olives, Capers, and Lemon (p. 137)
  • Broken Fresh Tomato Halves (p. 121)

Fregola Sarda is a Sardinian style of pasta with North African roots commonly used in soups, stews, and cold pasta salads. Traditionally, the spherical balls are hand-rolled then toasted in a wood-burning oven to impart a wonderfully nutty flavor and beautiful golden color.



  • Cold Fregola Sarda Salad (p. 202)
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