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I love all things food and cooking. But most of all, I love cookbooks.

I started Hardcover Cook in 2017 as a personal project to document the explorations of my ever-growing cookbook collection. Along the way, I discovered a community of passionate home cooks and cookbook collectors hungry to explore the world of food. (In other words: I found my people!)

I've combined my obsession with my professional expertise of buying, selling, and promoting products in the Natural and Specialty Food Industries to transform my personal website into the new Hardcover Cook—an ingredient shop and subscription box for passionate home cooks, enthusiastic cookbook collectors, and anyone seeking to add new flavors to their pantry.

I hope to expand your pantry and help you cook your way through your growing cookbook collection. Let's explore together!


This shop is built around the idea of cookbook and ingredient pairings—a collection of specialty ingredients that will enhance your experience with a book and make it easier to pick up and explore recipes at a moment's notice.

At Hardcover Cook, there's something for everyone:

The eager collector who can't get enough and is building their library: The Hardcover Cook Subscription is for you! You'll receive quarterly shipments containing one recently released cookbook, along with 5 or more pantry ingredients carefully chosen to pair with that particular book.

The bibliophile who'd like to make more use of their existing cookbook collection: Explore the the Cookbook Pantry to stock up on ingredients that will help you cook from your books more than ever before. Each ingredient offers notes about books and recipes that pair well together.

The curator who loves to consider all the options and choose just what they want: Build a custom order of cookbooks and pantry products available a la carte. You can customize based on what you already have and build a truly impressive pantry and bookshelf.  

The busy shopper looking for recommendations or gifts: Start with the Cookbook + Ingredient Bundles. These are curated sets that offer a great starting point and the best pricing.

The cookbook lover who wants to connect with others: Join an online cookbook club! I've found an amazing community in these clubs and some club members have become my in-real-life friends! The Cookbook Club Guide will introduce you to the various clubs with instructions on how to participate (send me a note if you'd like to add one to the list). I'd love to help you find one that matches your own cooking style.


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