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South Mountain Bees
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From the producer:

Japanese bamboo honey, as its name suggests, is made from Japanese bamboo or Japanese knotweed (Fallopia Japonica). It has a distinctive dark amber color, and a rich deep flavor, with caramel and citric notes. It’s naturally high in sugar, leaving a soothing coat to the throat.

Because of its intense flavor it pairs well with mild fresh cheeses such as goat cheese and Saint Angel, however it creates a delectable contrast with sharper cheeses such as aged gouda and parmesan cheese.

Japanese bamboo honey is a delicacy that is only available in the fall in years when there isn’t a summer drought. Therefore we celebrate it when we are able to harvest it. This Japanese bamboo honey comes from South Mountain Bees in Northern New Jersey, where Japanese bamboo is abundant in river banks and forest areas.

Best of Show Winner in the New Jersey Honey Show.

3 oz glass jar